About Us

TechieInsider.com (Formerly Known as https://gadgetrivia.com) is your trusted technology portal. From our simple beginnings as a knowledge-sharing portal, we have expanded into a tech website covering almost any popular tech or related product you may need to know about.

We aim to be the first-choice source of reliable information and the most trusted tech portal around.

We do not provide incentivized and biased statements. Our revenue model is not related to direct brand endorsements unlike almost all tech portals today.

At TechieInsider, you are assured to get the best possible information worth banking on.

Our aim is solely to provide reliable, trustworthy, and simple information on each tech product or service we cover.

How We Create Content

TechieInsider.com is all for authentic info. No fluff. Minimal tech jargons.

Simple and in-depth reviews to help you know just what you need to.

Our How-to’s , Reviews & Buyer’s guides are based primarily on unbiased user reviews, expert comments collected from various trusted sources, or better, first-hand experience.

We also refer to reliable info sources for tech specs and configurations as applicable for comparative analogy.

We go through an average 15+ internet resources for each content!

We strictly avoid endorsing specific manufacturers, brands, or such entities. TechieInsider.com is one of the only tech portals out there that does not hold back just to get more hits!

What Do We Do

We create content to help you get access to the right information, what you need.

At TechieInsider, we do product reviews, buyer’s guides, software reviews, troubleshooting guides, and straight-up informational articles related to technology.

Our reviews include –

  • Physical Product Review IncludesLaptop, Tablet, Speakers, Routers, Camera, Drones, Gaming peripherals, and their related accessories.
  • SaaS/Software Reviews includes– Photo & Video editing Softwares, Anti Malware, VPNs, and other related software.

And more!

Our Aim

At TechieInsider, we aim to be the first-choice source of information for tech consumers and knowledgeable gurus. We want to provide the most important pieces of information and related details you should know.

Our Team

TechieInsider (formerly gadgetrivia.com) started off as a collaborative hub and is now one of the fastest-growing tech portals today. We have grown into a large team including content developers, creative designers, researchers, and the central tech think tank.

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