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Local ISP To Manage Google Fiber Trial At Stanford

Most have heard about Google and their plans to install fiber to each home is a city, which was to be named. The city has not yet been announced by Google and that is another story. ...
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Google Making Noise in Online Music

Rumors of Google getting into the online music business began months ago. This week reports from Business Insider say the search engine giant was close to buying a popular digital music ...

Asus Tablet Coming And Projected To Have Double Digit Market Share

Asus has talked about their coming tablet device and all the features on it. This week, they released sales projections saying they are going to have double digit market share in 2011 ...

Tablets to Replace Notebooks in 2011

We have been talking about the impact of tablets on the laptop market with netbooks taking the biggest impact. Since netbooks have a physical keyboard, one might argue that tablets, ...

Verizon iPhone Gains From Those Leaving AT&T

The Verizon iPhone has been a much discussed rumor, with predictions as to when it will actually come to Verizon and whether Sprint and T-Mobile will be getting it as well. It has become ...
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