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Facebook Has More Unique Visitors Than Yahoo

Yahoo has been in the news this month with bad news about layoffs as they continue to try and make changes to their business model to regain their previous prominence as a web portal. ...

Verizon iPhone Rumors

It seems that the rumors surrounding the iPhone coming to Verizon keep coming out with various planned release dates. Today, we are seeing one from eWeek regarding planned shipments ...

Verizon LTE Tablets Coming

We have heard a lot about the launch of the Verizon LTE network this month. We have talked about the current USB modem which can take advantage of the great speed being achieved. What ...

Microsoft Beats Google With Social Search Results

Google has been king of the search engines and made it difficult for competitors to take market share from them. They are now being talked about as the 800 pound guerrilla or the Borg ...

Cloud Security Breach Reported on BPOS By Microsoft

There have been many compaies getting involved in the Cloud Computing offering solutions to buisnesses in a hosted environment. There have been concerns expressed regarding security ...
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