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Tel.A.Vision Donates Video Creation Software to Orphanage

The hundreds of children under the care of the Mercy Centre orphanage in Bangkok Thailand received a new toy this Christmas season, a fun to use digital tool that could connect them ...
Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Reports Sales of 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has not released numbers on the sales of their Windows Phone 7 and have been taking a lot of heat about the lack of numbers. Because of the lack of information, many have ...

Skype Service Goes Down – Google Voice To Gain

Skype services went down yesterday, impacting millions of users and there are still problems being experienced today. It is being reported that 80% of the normal users are back online ...

Google Nexus S Mobile Phone

Google has come out with their latest phone, the Nexus S, which with the help of Samsung, has many features which may make it a success. With this, they have provided some great features ...

AT&T Service Down, Sprint Service Up – Consumer Reports

A recent Consumer Reports blog regarding an upcoming article about customer service at the large wireless carriers in the US talked about problems at AT&T. That report is part ...
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