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Windows Phone 7 As The Enterprise Phone

There have been reports today based on a post from a company in the UK, which has been widely circulating on the web indicating a lower preference for the Windows Phone 7. While many ...

Google TV And Microsoft TV

The news for Google TV of late has been less than positive given the reluctance of TV networks to work out a deal for the sharing of content with Google and their Google TV offering. ...

Black Friday Sales Results Up

comScore is reporting sales results for Black Friday Sales with a 9% increase from Black Friday 2009 as compared to Black Friday 2010 for online sales. Sales numbers are starting to ...
Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Sales Report From UK

We have been wondering when Microsoft was going to start talking about the sales results for their Windows Phone 7 sales as part of their normal activities to promote the phones. They ...

Windows Phone 7 At Big Savings

We had previously reported on Black Friday Sales on Windows Phone 7 where there were offers of buy one get one free at AT&T and T-Mobile. This was quite a good deal, though it ...
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