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It’s Time For Data Only Plans For Mobile Phones

It was only 3 years ago when most mobile phone users had a voice only plan and paid extra to do texting. That was in the earlier days of smartphones where concerns about data usage ...

Comcast Testing Cord Cutting Defense – Combating Google TV

Google has been working to get their Google TV up and running to include content from Broadcasters and to date, have had limited success in that direction. Where that leaves cable companies, ...
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Yahoo Selling Delicious?

Yahoo’s popular social bookmarking service Delicious was believed earlier this week to have its days numbered after the Delicious logo appeared under the mysterious “Sunset” portion ...

ChromeBook May Not Be An Alpha Version

With the ChromeBook from Google, there are now more reports coming in which seem to indicate the status of the development of the product. At first it seemed comments from Google indicated ...

Local ISP To Manage Google Fiber Trial At Stanford

Most have heard about Google and their plans to install fiber to each home is a city, which was to be named. The city has not yet been announced by Google and that is another story. ...
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