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Verizon iPhone – Needs To Arrive Sooner

The rumors and predictions continue by all of us, trying to predict with some accuracy just when the iPhone will arrive at Verizon. That is making one big assumption that it is coming ...

Blackberry Phones Need QNX Now

RIM purchased QNX software for use on their coming Blackberry Playbook and there was hope they were also going to be replacing the current Blackberry OS 6.0. This would mirror the plans ...

RIM Blackberry Phones Selling Poorly At Verizon

RIM’s Blackberry phones have not been doing well for the past year and have seen a steady decline in market share during that time. The Apple iPhone has past up RIM, along with ...

Windows Phone 7 – Dueling Analysts

We have not seen any sales results from Microsoft regarding the success or failure of their Windows Phone 7, though they have been more than happy to talk about the fantastic success ...

Google ChromeBook – Built For Everyone

Google has come out with their new notebook along with big plans for it. One of those is the beta test group associated with it. They are delivering 60,000 Chrome OS notebooks to a ...
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