Netbook vs. Tablet

Choosing Between A New Netbook And Tablet

The netbook might be a dying breed considering that the last netbooks that really went to mass market was during the first quarter of 2012. The current trend for laptops is for ultra-books ...

HP’s WebOS Powering Multiple Devices With Cloud-Based Storage

Hewett-Packard is reportedly expected to introduce a tablet running WebOS which is from the Palm OS purchase last year. They are also expected to introduce a smart phone. There are ...

Tablets to Replace Notebooks in 2011

We have been talking about the impact of tablets on the laptop market with netbooks taking the biggest impact. Since netbooks have a physical keyboard, one might argue that tablets, ...

Future Tablet Sales

This week, Gartner Research released a report which indicated estimates for tablet sales for this year, which has been dominated by the iPad. While this category really did not exist ...
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