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Depletion of IPv4 Addresses and Explosive Growth in Mobile

IP addressing is an essential technology for the use of the Internet. A deceptively insignificant looking numeric identifier for computers in a network is in reality an important element ...
World IPv6 Launch IP Address

IPv6 Migration Coming Soon, New IP Address Wiggle Room

With testing now complete from the likes of Facebook, Cisco, Comcast, IPAddress.com, and countless others, IPv6 is now ready to go live. No more waiting now that the 24-hour IPv6 test ...

World IPv6 Testing Of Next IP Addressing Scheme

Dry run testing for next Internet addressing system starts June 8th The coming of a change to the IP protocol has been approaching for years and it has still not been implemented yet, ...

Moving Towards IPv6 – Verizon Transition Services

We all know the existing technology for directing traffic between web sites and your browser is using an addressing scheme which is known as IPv4, which we used to just call an IP address. ...

IPv6 Update

We have previously reported on IPv6 address conversions from IPv4 and the need to be moving this process along as the addresses are running out. It appears the attitude is one where ...
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