webOS In HP’s Future With Tablets Coming In 2013

Now that HP has opened up its webOS to the Open Source world, it seems that it has made a big gift to that community, but has retained the rights to the OS for the future. And apparently, ...
HP webOS

webOS Future Is Open Source

HP has made the decision to not sell their webOS division, but instead to keep it and open it up to the public in the form of Open Source. That saves the jobs of the 600 employees working ...
HP webOS

webOS Confusion Hurting Its Chances

Questions about the future for HP’s webOS have been up in the air ever since August with the TouchPad Fire sale and the announcement by then CEO, Leo Apotheker, to effectively ...
HP webOS

HP webOS Indecision Shows They Are Trying To Sell

HP was rumored to be making a decision yesterday about what they are going to be doing with their webOS division at a meeting involving the employees in the webOS division. Given the ...

Rumor: HP TouchPad May Have Future With Windows 8

HP has declared that the TouchPads available in the fire sale from August are officially depleted, though there are still some potentially available through Best Buy as a bundled purchase ...
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