Gmail New Look

Gmail Tabs Makes Inbox Easiest for the Younger Millennial User

StrongView, a leading provider of email marketing and cross-channel marketing solutions for enterprises, today released the results of a new survey on consumer reception of Gmail Tabs ...

Outrage As Iran Attempts To Block Gmail

Outrage greeted Iran’s plan to block Google’s popular Gmail. Iran’s cyber monitor is known to always tour their fights against the West’s influence through the web. However, ...
Gmail Translate

Gmail Translation, Now Free On An Inbox Near You

Google’s free email service, Gmail, is now offering up free email translations between language exchanges. Imagine communicated directly with someone who doesn’t speak your ...
Gmail New Look

Gmail Comes With New Look And Feel

Gmail now has a new look and feel associated with it and if you have chosen to switch to it, you have noticed that it has changed a lot with a brand new look and feel to it. If you ...
Gmail Notification Error

Google Launches iOS Gmail App, Explodes On Launch

Google has been working on providing a Gmail app for the Apple App store for iOS 5 and they released it today and immediately ran into problems. Saying that it exploded on launch might ...
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