Yahoo Mail Still Experiencing Problems Last Night

YahooIt appears that Yahoo Mail is still experiencing problems, though Yahoo is not making any statements as to the problems currently being experienced. This comes on the heels of the previous Yahoo Mail problems at the end of last week. It does appear they are experiencing problems to some extent as there are Tweets about this showing up earlier today.

It seems that people are experiencing limited problems and not as wide spread as the previous outage of last week. The Tweets range in problems such as scripts timing out, to not being able to access emails in #YahooMail. These look like they are all associated with the new Beta version that Yahoo has published and may be residual from the previous problems of last week. A crowd sourced service is showing that Yahoo Mail was experiencing problems earlier today based on user reports, emails and Tweets to build the graph. You can view it at

This last incident did not have any comments by Yahoo and seems to have lasted only a few hours and did affect a good number of users, but not as severely as the one from last week. Yahoo Mail is still experiencing some minor issues based on recent Tweets, but nothing like the last outage on April 28th where a million or more users were impacted by the problems. Yahoo still has not disclosed what the problems were in that case and has remained silent as others have requested comment on that.

The new Yahoo Mail beta is being widely commented on as being a significant improvement from the previous mail interface and they are still working out some problems associated with that. But interface and ability to work with mail is a far simpler task. Clicking on an email opens very quickly and far faster than the current version does. The overall usability is a marked improvement for Yahoo and moves them into closer competition with other web mail providers.

The existing status of Yahoo Web Mail is showing that it is functioning as normal, so whatever the problem is that they were experiencing, it has been correct.

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4 Responses to “Yahoo Mail Still Experiencing Problems Last Night”

  1. avatar Harry says:

    I belive Yahoo will lose a lot of customers,if they dont explain this problems.What a disaspointment.

  2. avatar daniel lesiapeto says:

    starting last week i cant use my email. i found that my yahoo mail setting had been hijaaked and my email was being forwarded to unknow address because i cant use my email.

  3. avatar Herr Wald says:

    Yahoo has been giving me problems continuously since last week and I’ve made the switch to gmail. As of writing this, I am still having problems with Yahoo. Oh, and as if the outage wasn’t enough, when I did get in for a short while, I discovered that Yahoo had deleted all of my disposable email addresses without warning and is now offering the service on a paid subscription model. Goodbye Yahoo!!!!

  4. avatar Crofty says:

    I found that my Yahoo mail settings had been hijaaked and my email was being forwarded to an unknown address at AOL.COM. Look under Options, POP settings.

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