Yahoo Mail Still Experiencing Problems – No Explanations

Yahoo Mail Status
The popular Yahoo Mail is still experiencing problems and the above blog post is the most recent from 1:38 PM this afternoon. This has been going on for most of the day and there is still no more information as to what is happening or the scope of the problem. Their Facebook page is basically saying the same thing regarding the mail outage for some people.

Yahoo has not provided any additional information since the last post in their Yahoo Blog and that time is long after this started mid morning here on the West Coast. They need to provide additional information so that people have some confidence that they have at least identified what the problem is and are trying to implement a fix. At this point in time, there is no information coming from Yahoo.

In a post from our earlier article about Yahoo Mail being down for some users we had a comment added from Zilla who has a personal Yahoo mail account and a professional Yahoo mail account. The personal one is not working, but the professional one is working. The impact of how this is affects Yahoo Mail does not seem to have any patterns that might help identify what is going on with the mail problems.

We are seeing a lot of people talking about finding an alternative source for email as that is a critical communication tool and without it, important information for some is not available. There are many people Tweeting today who are generally talking about moving to Gmail and off of Yahoo Mail with this outage which could go into tomorrow given the lack of information from Yahoo.

With the failure to communicate effectively with the Amazon Cloud outage and the more recent PlayStation Network fiasco, you would think that Yahoo would take note of those and provide as much information as possible to keep Yahoo Mail users happy. If not, they will lose a good percentage of Yahoo Mail users to Google’s Gmail.

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3 Responses to “Yahoo Mail Still Experiencing Problems – No Explanations”

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  2. avatar gillian says:

    I can’t believe that Yahoo has not fixed this problem ! It has been days since I can’t access my email account at all! I live in Toronto, Canada and my internet server, Rogers, is only saying that Yahoo takes DAYS to fix this and that it appears that there was misuse within my account. I am one person who depends on my ability to use email to manage many facets of life here…

    Yahoo ! Get it together !!!

  3. avatar Scrapman says:

    Have trawled the net and still can’t find solution to PS3/Yahoomail login issue. Yahoo get your act together!

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