Day 5: Playstation Network Still Down

The PS3 Network is down for another day and there is no information being provided by Sony on the PlayStation web site. We have been reporting on this and you would think that Sony would have had recovery plan, but we can conclude that they do not. It is sad that they made the decision to shut everything down and saying that they are “re-building our system to further strengthen our network infrastructure” and giving no other information. Companies have been able to make major changes to their systems WITHOUT having to completely shut them down.

There is something else going on here and Sony is trying to fix something under the guise of some “external intrusion” in their systems. Other companies who have these kind of problems give more information and do not leave users in the dark as to what is going on and provide information as to when things will return back to normal. Neither of those are being responded to by Sony and they appear to be very secretive about everything that is going on. At 5 days and counting, they had better start providing more information as people are losing patience with them and starting to consider other gaming systems. If this continues for more than another 3 or 4 days, the 70 million number they have for users could start to drop by 1 million per day very quickly.

As with any lack of information, there is speculation as to what is going on and where the process is in getting the network back up and running. We are seeing this being blamed on hackers and even the group Anonymous, but there has been no information from Sony on this and the group Anonymous has denied being involved in this specific event, though they have taken responsibility for others. At this point, it could have been a single hacker involved who was able to get through their security firewalls and look at many of the servers they have for gaming. There is even the possibility that they gained access to the server that contains credit card information and that is why they shut everything down the way that they did. If it is the server containing credit cards, they need to admit that now and not wait.

As with any business keeping your customers informed as to what is going on is critical with successful businesses. The questions which started back on April 20th has now turned into a loud chorus of people demanding to know what is going on and when Sony is going to finish the work and bring everything back on line. Rumors are starting and the latest one is that the PlayStation Network will be back online Tuesday. This is a pure rumor and may be more hopeful than anything else at this point.

So, for another day, the PlayStation Network is down and there is no information as to when it may return.

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13 Responses to “Day 5: Playstation Network Still Down”

  1. avatar Ronnieguidry34 says:

    To the hackers of the world. I thought yall had a heart for some people. But I guess you are out for self. Now my son can’t play online. Because one person or persons feel they had been done wrong. get a life. This network being down did more to the children then adult. What happen to the robin hood of hackers. To help people not hurt people.

  2. avatar Frozen_F says:

    Well, in my opinion, what ps guys r doing makes absolutely perfect sense, I mean come on people, just believe in ps, they r doing what they’re doing to protect our credit card info, and addresses, and to all those people who want to switch to xbox, if u want to waste a freaking big load of money, and re-buy all of ur games, plz do so, cuz u ARE NOT A LOYAL CUSTOMER to psn, I believe in Sony ps, and am sure they r doing the best they can to get the psn back up and running, so plz have a bit of patience…

  3. avatar brian says:

    i’m getting pissed off, i did not pay 500 dollars to be blown off like this, i do not care what their major malfunction is, they are making their problem my problem… there is a thing called implied merchantability, these people are not delivering what is ‘implied’ or promised, my machine is not doing what it is intended to do and according to better business bureau the manufacture is obligated to repair or refund… its all in black and white

  4. avatar FedUp says:

    Days, weeks, or months Sony? Rumors are filling the voids you’ve left, so if this isn’t going to be weeks or months even, SAY SO. Otherwise it will appear that way and you will lose millions of customers, including me.

    Also I hope the rumor about Sony charging for the psn isn’t true because the psn being free is the only leg Sony has left to stand on. Trying to charge for a network that got hacked, rebuilt or not, will be testing the faith of it’s users for sure, and I for one have very little faith left.

  5. avatar Yujhkgit says:

    Maybe Sony is try to double-bluff, they could say they were hacked, but they could have created not only a new firmware for the ps3 but also drastically changed the kernel or the encryption which would render all of the current software useless until they downloaded the latest firmware. Also Sony may have tried tochange the PlayStation store so much that they screwed it all up and HAVE to go offline to PROTECT users’ data

  6. avatar CHIVO_BLUE says:

    i called my credit card company and informed them of the PSN issue. You all should do the same, you know , just in case.

  7. avatar come on says:

    its raining here to but u no im playn cod on zombies its boring u no though xbox suck thy always have always will plz ps network im mad i mean plz help it would b thankfull

  8. avatar come on says:

    u now im just a kid im realy mad im sure everybody iz if they arnt a huge fan of ps3 omy god uno wat they should the sony should of done they should put xbox360 parts in the ps3 to make it actrully run off of freekin satilight or does the ps3 already run off of it well im realy mad u no so if the network comes bk add heshotmychubby2 have a goood day

  9. avatar Notorio says:

    Heres a theory, maybe PSN is down on purpose. Lets just say maybe they have done this on purpose so they can come back and say in order for these issuse not to happen they are going to start charging us for their service.maybe its taken so long to get back running is because the are setting up a pay plan like x box, just my theory

  10. avatar Mathhew says:

    Well as soon as you move to xbox you will have to pay £30 a year wen you cud wait a few days for free so just wait psn will work soon or have moree info

  11. avatar dustin jones says:

    thats still more than playstation is tellign us

  12. avatar anonymous says:

    Wtf? Man im bored cant even go outside cuz its raining and im tired of playing split screen cod i wanna murder some noobs already…hurry up sony before i take my doorstop off and play xbox and use my ps3 as one.

  13. avatar drawn out says:

    You wrote a very long speculation article that basically only says 4 things.
    The network is still down
    We still don’t know anything
    People are upset
    and It could involve credit cards

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