Update: Delay Of The Next iPhone

We have been hearing rumors about the next version of the iPhone being delayed from the expected release of June to the fall. The new month being talked about is September, but could be as late as October. With that, we can reason that there are coming changes to the phone which warrant a later delivery date.

There are a number of potential reasons for this and any one could provide a valid reason for the delay. With the problems in Japan and the impact to manufacturing there, it is possible that Apple was relying on one or more plants to make components for the coming iPhone 5. If one of those was the batteries, which could follow the iPad 2 with a smaller size, then they would be forced to delay the next generation iPhone. Apple Japan is the only location currently making the batteries for the iPad 2 and if a similar one was being made for the iPhone, then things would be forced to be delayed.

Many have speculated about changes to the design of the iPhone to be a far different one than the current version. Some have talked about a 4 inch screen and the possibility of an edge to edge touch screen. A new case would also be involved and there have been rumors to that effect. All of that takes time to pull together and get component makers lined up for production. If they have run into any problems at all, it would delay things.

Update: We have learned from Apple Insider, that the normal supply chain orders have not been placed yet, which if true guarantees that it will not be released in June. Based on the article, it appears that the information from the source indicates that the iPhone 5 will not make in before the end of September and Apple’s fiscal year end. As part of the information, it was suggested that the iPhone 5 would not be available until 2012, which Apple Insider discounts because Apple is not going to miss the holiday sales.

One of the possible items for the delay is for the addition of LTE to the iPhone which so many carriers are moving to and which provides some great speed improvements. At the moment, there are few locations which can take advantage of that, but as things get closer to the end of the year, that list will increase significantly.

Other discussions talk about incorporating the Cloud with the IOS and if they are able to do that, would move things towards being able to backup your mobile phone over the air, which with LTE speed would not be noticed. That is a big step forward in creating recoverability for your data. Some are speculating that voice recognition software will be coming to the iPhone from Siri, which they purchased last year. This would greatly improve the personal assistant on the phones.

All of this is speculation for what may or may not be included with the iPhone 5 which does not have a delivery date that is firm. Rumors are going to continue for months with many more rumors being reported. Only Apple has the final say on things, but if they do not come out with something which has improvements similar to the iPad, they may not have the expected sales.

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