Google Beats Out Microsoft Bing For Yahoo Japan Search

Here in Asia, we have been hearing about the deal between Yahoo Japan and Google where Google will be providing search results and advertising to them. This has been discussed here in the region and widely reported since the agreement was first reached.

This week, the group responsible for reviewing possible monopoly deals has concluded that it does not see any issues with the agreement proceeding forward. The reason for the review was started by an online shopping site called Rakuten and they had requested the Fair Trade Commission to look into it. This was back in July with concerns the relationship could cause less competition. As the commission has found no problems in that area, it is expected that Google will start providing search results to Yahoo Japan by the end of the year.

In an article from The Japan Times, it appears that Microsoft was also part of the request to investigate the agreement. It is estimated that Google would control up to 90% of Japan’s Internet Searches. For Microsoft, this must be a problem since they currently have a deal with Yahoo in the United States to provide search results. With Yahoo being a major shareholder in the company, Microsoft may have felt they had an advantage to get the deal. It does appear they will continue looking at antcompetitive concerns.

Mitsutoshi Miyagi

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