Web TV Or Internet TV – The Name Does Not Matter

Whether you call it Web TV, Internet TV, Google TV or Apple iTV, the name really does not matter. What is important is the content which can be delivered to your TV viewing from the web. Some of the latest events have put a damper on the excitement surrounding Google TV and Apple iTV. The major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in the US have made decisions to not allow access to their shows over the internet to these offerings.

We previously reported, that Web TV is Dead for now last week due to reported decisions to block web content from Hulu and other sites from being accessed by Google TV. This week, there is now more information being provided which is looking even worse for the Web TV we have been waiting for. Viacom is now blocking access to their web sites for streaming shows to Web TV, such as Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon. These are pretty popular shows and are still available to a desktop computer, but blocked to Google TV. So much for the value of the Sony Google TV.

With this latest change by Viacom, we can expect a few others to follow this method to prevent Google from establishing itself as a platform provider of content. If Google were able to get established, it would make it extremely difficult to then start restricting access and any attempt to do that would then involve the Congress or other governmental regulators to resolve the problems, which is never a good thing.

The benefit to people is now on hold and will be for a while. There is a desire to expand the content that is viewable from more than the current subscription based model which is expense and limiting. There is so many channels in the plans being offered which we are not going to be viewed, so should we not have the ability to look at other content to expand what we can view. If providers are concerned, then maybe the current subscription based model should be changed to a cafeteria style where you pick what you want to see and pay accordingly.

As long as content providers continue to offer subscription services in the current manner, the desire to have alternative via the Web will continue to grow.

Live TV over the Internet appears to now have been put on indefinite hold for all of us, which diminishes the hopes to have a broader ability to view content that is not limited to subscription based services. YouTube provides a service to view a lot of content, but with it and Netflix as the few good choices, the rest does not appear to be in the public’s desire for more content, and not the less content which is being forced on us.

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