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Website security concerns are everywhere. Each day news comes out about another hacking or data breach. Do webmasters have another tool at their disposal to help monitor their web traffic? TechieInsider went searching for answers and found as a solution.

After reviewing the IP address database offered, it was found to be a highly reliable and accurate source of information for using on a website in a custom analytics program. Accuracy and monthly updates are the most important factors when considering the use of an IP address database for security purposes. Just like in real estate the location always matters.

The longevity and reliability was most appealing after sampling the database for IP addresses from as they have been specializing in the technology since 2009.

Most site owners need a way to track website visitor data with the user’s IP Address to gain new perspectives and valuable feedback. It also helps present custom geolocation content to a user’s country and changes like these help better serve the visitors in the future.

Webmasters may enjoy the ability to build their own IP Address tools on their websites to assist their users with any needs they may face online. So another option is running your own IP tools for your users if you have a similarly themed website. With so many security issues these days IP address tools are growing in popularity and people understanding how to use them.

IP Address tools are be very handy. even has a locate feature in the top right of their website that you can see after visiting their homepage. Having your own IP Address Database is a huge piece of the puzzle for security or IP address tools. Adding security features to your own website without having to rely on others was very appealing again.

It is much closer than you think offer your own services should you choose to do so, but it is also important to have the right database partner like we found in this week. Learn more about their IP database at


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