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Apple, Inc., a giant in the tech industry and a leader in consumer products, has been pushing into the business industry, according the article, “Apple vs. Microsoft: The Battle for the Office Heats Up”, from to CNBC Online, November 12, 2013. Outside the consumer market, Apple has built a strong presence in the education sector and its move into the enterprise will be a significant shift for the company and its competitors.

A major part of this shift has been encouraged by the growing popularity of the company’s mobile devices in the workplace, especially with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement. According to data from Forrester, a few years ago, 3 percent of employees said they use Apple products for work. Today, that number is closer to 18 percent and it is expected to grow.

One of Apple’s most recent steps to serve the enterprise is a partnership with Colorado based Accucode, Inc. Accucode is a pioneer of the “Hardware-as-a-Service” model in the retail, warehouse and transportation industries.

Apple named Accucode, who partners with companies such as Meraki, Motorola and Samsung, as a business partner at the end of 2013 to bring Apple devices under Accucode’s unique LaunchPad solution. Under LaunchPad, Accucode provides its customers with fully managed iPad Air and iPad Mini, 7-inch and 10-inch tablets including configuration, staging and deployment packages. The service also includes next-day replacements with the iPad pre-configured specifically for the site, network and users.

“Consumer grade devices were not originally made for enterprise. They have a short lifespan and when they break, they’re more often replaced than fixed. Accucode’s LaunchPad solution changes that,” says Kevin Reynolds, Director of Product Development at Accucode. “We have the skills and resources to image, deploy, and support most mobile devices; and we do it with the accuracy and speed required to keep a working device in our customer’s hands.”

Accucode is one of Apple’s first certified re-sellers and partners in the AIDC industry. The combination of Apple’s powerful, elite products, with Accucode’s un-matched support services makes it affordable for business to provide the hardware their employees want.

George Vrontas, Accucode’s VP of Business Development, explains, “A lot of people are familiar with the Apple’s operating system and they’re bringing their iPhones and iPads with them to work anyway. We make it possible for businesses to offer their employees the devices they prefer, while still maintaining the level of support and management oversight that an enterprise environment requires.”

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