HourScene Mobile iOS App Puts Users on the Scene of Social Discovery

Scenes are happening all around the world, at every hour of every day. When people see or experience a Scene that grabs their attention, like a delicious meal or a trendy new outfit, they probably want to share it with the world with a tweet, post, photo, or hashtag. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could collectively discover what Scenes others are sharing in one app? What are people eating for #lunch right now? What’s happening at the hot new #nightclub in the city? What’s the latest #fashion? What #football game is on tonight? People can discover these Scenes on HourScene.

Available now on the Apple App Store, the HourScene app allows users to rediscover social networking as it was intended to be, for the public by the public. By using HourScene, users can transform what they know as social networking into social discovery. Users can discover public Scenes that are posted on the hour on their favorite social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by searching keyword or hashtag. Users can share their discovered Scenes with others and view what Scenes are trending on the hour. Users can even view public Scenes across the world with the map view. In addition, users can view and take advantage of Featured Scenes, like discounts, deals, and promotions, based on their unique keyword or hashtag search. When users see Featured Scenes that they like, they can save them and redeem them later or share them with the world.

“HourScene brings social networking to your fingertips in an innovative way,” said Julius Javier, Founder of HourScene. “It’s easy to search for hashtags, events, sports, news, trends, deals, anything to discover your Scene. Come see and be seen on HourScene!”

Please visit http://www.hourscene.com for more information on HourScene.


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