IOS 7 App Developer Dream Bot Studios Reaches Indie Game Awards

The self funded start up Dream Bot Studios has created Turbo Train for iPhone and iPad, which has been selected into the exclusive Indie Prize Showcase. Markus Skupeika, creator of Turbo Train and founder of Dream Bot Studios has been collectively piecing together great games for the companies fans to play since they started in July 2012.

The CEO explains, “While it hasn’t always been easy as a self funded game studio. It’s always been in my nature to take some risk to build something different and I am thrilled and honored to have Indie Prize Showcase selecting Turbo Train.”

“As a self funded game studio with a limited budget, competing against larger studios. It’s imperative Dream Bot Studios connects with developers, gamers, media and dissects the data on the app store to discover the correct game style and mechanics to incorporate into our titles.”

Turbo Train has been sitting at the top of the charts for the iPhone and iPad versions of the game. The addicting racing style game has 3 major parts of what the studio states, “makes it cool for their players.” These styles include, bulky yet sleek looking trains, ability to race friends online in real-time, and of course the ability to blow a train horn!

The new IOS app has had already had some unique feedback from players. The CEO shares one story, “We had one player scare his mother when he raced his Bullet Train high into sky which he blasted the classic train horn. This immense train horn shattered through the iPad causing this players mother to jump right up into the air while driving her son home from school. It’s emails like these that cracks us up and continues to find cool ways to give more unique experiences to our fans.”

Turbo Train has been nominated and acknowledged by Indie Prize Showcase. The showcase will reveal it’s winner on July 30th thru August 1st. The studio has more unique iPhone and iPad apps on the app store including their new War Z title, which is a zombie rush style game.

Dream Bot Studios LLC is a small start-up founded in 2012 by Markus Skupeika. The studio’s mission is simple, to enhance their fans experience while in the virtual worlds the studio places in their hands.

Together with other popular apps such as War Z and Sailor GT, the company has been receiving more press for their creativity and success involving building iOS apps.

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