Growing Startup Helping Businesses Verify Big Email Data

More than social media, more than advertising, and sometimes even more than search – not much in the way of digital communication is as important to marketing as an email address. While most of the aforementioned services are leisurely or as time permits options, the power still remains in the email address when it comes to effective communication with customers, especially in big business.

Why is the email address still ruler of the marketing and advertising world? Because so many methods have placed a true importance or sense of urgency on a user’s email address for management of everything from receiving monthly bills and banking statements to serving as the login for the growing social media prescience. See the truth is, even the competitors to email still rely on well, the email address.

While no one can argue that email use has had some of the importance taken away, and market share has been given up to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or other growing trends – one does have to admit that the email address is a more personal way of businesses reaching out to their customers and keeping them in reoccurring cycles. It is just a fact, and it is just a fact that because email marketing and importance remains such an effective tool to capture the attention of users, that email has its own growing list of problems.

How are businesses both small and large dealing with the likes of SPAM, spoofed, or invalid email addresses that users have since switched? Enter, a startup that has exploded on the scene with an email verification technology that is now used by computer manufacturers and gaming developers to employment companies and hospitals.

According to the founder, Internet entrepreneur Michael Paul, the service has doubled in customers in less than a year since its founding as more people discover such a service even exists to help reduce email bounce rate and clean up outdated email lists. “Growth has been exceptional and our team is flooded with daily requests for more information about” Paul said. “Our customers are well pleased to discover they have options for email list management” he went on to say.

Email list management can be different things to different users of email communication, but typically the lingo of the industry includes email list brokers, big data managers, email marketing companies, and small business owners. One thing is not different though, and that is the uniqueness found in the service that this startup offers to help build a stronger and valid email list.

To learn more information about this startup or to start your own email verification order, visit to learn more. Startup

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