Kindle Fire HD 7 Sales Remain Strong in 2013

Kindle Fire was one of the bestselling tablets of 2012. The launch of this device in September quickly lead to a sell out before the holiday season began. A new report released online by the website profiles the Kindle Fire HD 7 sales in 2013 and how this tablet has no signs of slowing down in sales volume.

While new tablet makers are expected to release new devices this year, the Kindle HD platform is expected to remain an in-demand product.

The first edition of the Kindle, now deemed the Classic edition, offered a black and white resolution display and a respectable mobile connection to WhisperNet to download e-books. This was launched in 2007 and the technologies now used have helped boost demand for this new tablet according to the new report.

While Apple still holds a large share of the technology market, Amazon continues to expand on its offerings and is now a strong competitor in the portable devices market according to the report.

One of the reasons that sales have remained strong in 2013 is the immediate Wi-Fi connection available through the HD series. This faster and more reliable connection is reportedly a 40 percent improvement. This allows connections to be made for at-home use or inside of office buildings that used to be problematic with slower connection speeds. From top university use to use by teens, the high definition tablets by Amazon are expected to remain a popular choice in 2013.

Google, Microsoft and other companies are planning new releases this year for tablets. The high definition series Kindle is expected to remain in competition due to its large storage capacity, high resolution display and access to books and streaming video content. The report now published online is designed to help consumers who have not purchased this device yet. The discount information that is offered in this report can be used by someone trying to find the lowest price for the Kindle edition tablets online.

The published report is part of a new series of guides, reports and reviews that are designed provide helpful information to online-only shoppers. This information is collected by reviewing the top retailers online and locating the largest discounts. The report now published is one of many that will remain updated through the first quarter of this year.

Kindle Fire HD

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