5 Small Business Growth Strategies In The New Year

Small business growth strategies are becoming more complex with the evolution of the online marketing landscape. In the New Year, local businesses will need to work even harder to distinguish themselves as competition elevates.

To plan for 2013, a look at emerging online marketing trends and developments in the ways companies use these new tools to promote themselves is essential. These 5 growth strategies will combine a number of elements to create a marketing outline for the New Year.

5 Small Business Growth Strategies For Effectiveness In The New Year

1. Create a Unique Selling Proposition: A unique selling proposition is a marketing concept which develops a competitive advantage that sets your business apart from your competitors. It highlights the unique benefits a client can receive if they choose to do business with you, whether it is your products, your service, your reputation, or even your location.

Ryan Paul Adams, CEO of PME 360 asserts that, “Too often, small business growth strategies revolve around offering products and services that local business owners are not all that passionate about. Having a USP addresses this by asking some really important questions like ‘What can I be the best in the world at?’ and “What am I really passionate about?’” This means that if a company isn’t working to be the best in the world at what they’re delivering, they may just be repeating what everyone else is doing and saying.

2. Focus On Local Search: Local business owners should be very excited about the future of their online marketing endeavors due to Google’s steadily growing focus on local internet search. Google is essentially rewarding local businesses that take the right steps to market to their local community.

According to Mike Bluementhal, a contributor for Bright Local, the right steps include:

“…a well optimized and attractive website, a properly seeded NAP, some basic link building and the ability to capture email addresses so as to stay in contact with their existing customers. If they have those bases covered then their move into the social arena should first be via a review management strategy and if appropriate blogging. These should all happen before they embark on using Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.”

3. Determine Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Formula for Your Businesses: Cost Per Acquisition is vital information for any business, and can help improve marketing, create more realistic expectations, and help in the development of business growth strategies for companies, large or small.

Using the Google Keyword Tool to determine Average Cost Per Acquisition can yield some very useful data. Google Adwords is all competition driven and is one of the best tools in existence to test the competitiveness of a given company’s market.

The best place to start is to begin by measuring exactly what it costs to acquire 1 new customer based on your company’s desired marketing programs.

4. Use Infographics To Promote Your Business Through Social Channels: Infographics can be one of the most effective marketing tools out there if implemented correctly. The reason that infographics are excellent marketing resources is because they have the ability to relay information in a truly artistic and universally understandable manner, which makes them very popular and effective in local business social media settings.

5. Be Visible With Mobile Marketing: Customers are using mobile devices at a rapidly increasing rate. Thus, creating a mobile–ready business website is the first step in speaking to a greater volume of customers in 2013. To get an idea of what changes need to be made, sit down and look at your own site from a mobile device. Navigate as though you were a customer who is on the go and determine what changes need to be made.

The bottom line is that small business growth strategies in the New Year should include all of the above tips to achieve success in 2013.

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