How PayPal Mobile Payments Can Benefit Your Church

Churches today face a lot of challenges, not the least of which is trying to connect with younger generations. Today’s generation has a very technology-centric set of expectations for churches they attend. They desire relevant messages, good music and the latest technology. The modern church needs to embrace cutting edge church management software functionality and leverage mobile devices as part of a church service. Attenders use their smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. during service to read the Bible, view commentaries on the passage being preached and even interact with the service via twitter.

Rather than try to ignore or discourage the use of mobile devices in church, visionary church leaders are leveraging them. Real time surveys, text messaging and twitter interaction integrated into services are drawing large crowds of younger individuals.

Another example of leveraging mobile devices during service is accepting donations via mobile devices. Accepting donations via mobile device payment applications may sound complicated, expensive and difficult to setup, but surprisingly it’s not.

Any church can signup for a PayPal account and start collecting electronic donations almost immediately. PayPal offers free mobile payment applications, which run on any device and enables individuals to send donations electronically. Church PayPal account information can be included on donation envelopes, in the service handouts or even displayed on the screen during collection.

In addition to offering cutting edge donation opportunities to their congregation, mobile payments make church management easier. Advanced church management software, such as Church Office Online, can automatically enter electronic donations from PayPal into the church database and associate it with the individual that gave the donation for tax purposes. This type of automation greatly reduces administrative overhead and allows church leaders to focus on ministry.

Technology can open new avenues of interaction for churches and attract younger individuals. Today’s churches need to take a page from the business playbook by embracing technology and leveraging it to grow their congregation and reduce their overhead.

Visit Church Office Online for more information on using mobile payments to collect donations.

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