Apple iPad App Stat Attack Pro Football Launches with Best in Class Features in partnership with Stat Attack Sports announces the launch of Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad. Designed to provide in depth statistical analysis and trending, there is simply no product on the market like it today for Pro Football.

The strength of Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad is in the virtually unlimited combination of searches one can run. Trends can be identified and facts can be checked. For example, if the user wanted to know how the New England Patriots have done: on the road, in the past 8 seasons, on artificial turf, in the month of October, Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad has the answer.

When it comes to playing the odds, roughly *85% of people who wager lose. That is usually due to the way people get their information and how they act on it. The most common source of data for pro football is the television. Often times, sportscasters report based on their interpretation of history and not actual results. For example, it is often stated that the Green Bay Packers have an advantage at home as the temperature drops. Running this theory through Stat Attack, one finds the Packers have covered the spread in only 44.4% of the games when the temperatures have been 19 degrees or less.

Another common way for people to get their pro football information is the internet. This too can be misleading because the facts that are available are chosen by someone else and don’t allow for scrutiny. The average user can find a tidbits of information, but they can’t ask questions about it. Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad allows the users to ask and answer questions for themselves, thus putting the advantage of predictability in their favor.

The biggest problem when predicting the outcome in sports is emotion. It is all too easy for broadcasters to pick a team to win because, they played football or coached for that team in the past. Because of emotion, it is easy for the average person sitting at home to make predictions and place wagers on their favorite team. Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad takes the emotion out of the decision making process, and presents only the facts.

After reviewing Stat Attack Platinum for Pro Football 2012, the sports bettor’s consumer advocate at, Mr. Allen Moody, had the following to say about it;

“There are only so many ways of saying that Stat Attack is the best line of handicapping software on the market today. The number of worthwhile trends that can be discovered by using the programs are simply astounding.
Stat Attack’s biggest competition each year is itself, as each new release makes you wonder what they can possibly do for an encore. They answered that in a big way with the release of Stat Attack Pro Football 2012, which is easily the best version yet.”

Phillips Newsletter has had a sterling reputation for 35+ years for protecting all sports literature consumers. In their June 2012 review of STAT ATTACK PLATINUM for PRE-SEASON PRO FOOTBALL 2012 they rated the program “a very strong 9“ (on a scale of 1 to 10 and no product has ever received a 10).

While Stat Attack Pro Football for iPad is primarily used by those placing wagers, it can be used by virtually anyone wanting to conduct in-depth, statistical analysis for Pro Football.

The highly successful desktop app Stat Attack Pro Football is now available for iPad users and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store.

New Stat Attack iPad App

Image: Stat Attack App


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