Kindle Fire HD Review Causes Excitement for Christmas Shoppers was one of the first companies online to write a Kindle Fire HD review when this Amazon produced tablet was released in September. Consumers in the U.S. that did not purchase one of these tablets for Black Friday or Cyber Monday could benefit from the frequent price drops that happen with online retailers online. The team have published an updated review and price guide online to help buyers make an informed decision when purchasing a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas.

One of the upgrades the Amazon made to its Kindle series was a larger and higher resolution display. The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 features a 1920×1200 HD display that provides zero glare for online and offline video playback. This new feature is an advanced version compared to the black and white display first offered on the very first Kindle in 2007.

The addition of high resolution video playback is not the only feature that consumers have been excited about since the release of the Kindle Fire HD according to iTrustNews. The storage capacity for the Kindle Fire was updated to allow more storage space for downloaded songs and videos from Amazon or third party sources. A choice of a 16 BG or 32 GB storage drive is offered with the purchase of this new Kindle HD series.

Consumers that do not require the larger 8.9 display could find that the smaller Kindle Fire HD 7 is a more suitable choice. This slightly smaller unit is in direct competition with Microsoft and Apple tablets that were released earlier this year. Each Kindle Fire review that has been published online noted the fact that each of these units have sold equally well to help broaden the selections for consumers.

The addition of a 40 percent faster Wi-Fi connection is one of the biggest selling points found by iTrustNews in its published review. The faster download speeds for movies and music from Amazon and through Internet browsing has helped boost the popularity in the Kindle Fire HD series tablet.

The original report noted that price fluctuation is common from sellers online and offline. Some offline retailers raise the price in an effort to help capitalize on the growing trend of tablet sales. The researchers noted that the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review price was found to be less expensive when it was purchased online due to free shipping incentives and special offer discounts.

Those considering purchasing a Kindle Fire HD 7 or larger 8.9 could benefit from accessing the updated review completed by This review is scheduled for new updates of the information already published to help consumers find the lowest price points and highest stock numbers for online retailers for the Christmas 2012 season.

Kindle Fire Tablet Christmas

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