Nexus 4 Now Out and Sold Out

Google’s new Nexus 4 was a hit. According to a report from, in just a few hours after its release, it was already sold out. And as commented by news website, it was because of its low price apart from the fact that it is an Android smartphone.

Based on the report, the device was wiped out in United Kingdom in under one hour. But along with the overwhelming response to its release was the sluggish performance of the Google Play site. In fact, some even complained about errors in the checkout.

However, it was not just UK that Nexus 4 blew out. Based on a separate report from, it was also sold out in just a few hours in Australia. Additionally, it shared that on Tuesday it will be released in the United States.

Nexus 4 at 8GB sells at $299 and $349 at 16GB. Along with its release, Nexus 7 and 10 were also put on sale

Here’s an excerpt from the post Nexus 4 Sells Out in Australia and UK from Billionaire’s Bunker.

ā€œGreat news to all Android lovers! The Nexus 4 was already released in Australia and UK and was scheduled to be out in the United States on Tuesday.

However, too bad for those in Australia and United Kingdom who haven’t yet gotten one. The device was sold out in Australia just a few hours after it was out. In UK, it was an even bigger hit. In less than an hour, stocks of it were wiped out.ā€

According to news website, Google only releases one Nexus-brand smartphone every year. And so, it stated that it’s not a wonder why Android lovers are flocking to get the new Nexus 4. However, the site asserted that more than being an Android smartphone, the low prices of the device is what makes it such a huge hit.

Nexus 4 Sold Out

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