Mobile Health App For Hospitals During Extreme Conditions Like Sandy

The past week brought a wave of New York metro area hospital closings and record patient transfers, which left many concerned family members in the dark.

While the impact of Sandy is unprecedented by all measures, hospitals and healthcare facilities, of all sizes, have had to take a better look at hospital-family communication, especially when extreme conditions threaten dissaray. With predictions for a N’oreaster to hit Wednesday, and with winter looming, there’s no telling how colder temperatures may impact an already battered northeast.

Fortunately, one digital health company, MDconnectME, has developed an APP that allows hospital staff to send family updates from any internet capable device. The app uses pre-filled status updates which can be sent to a list of patient-selected contacts. The contacts get the updates by text or email on any internet or text enabled device. With minimal effort, staff can now update patients’ families, instantaneously, around the world.

Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, who was operational during the storm, embraced patients who were transferred in from several of the metro hospitals. According to world-renowned surgeon, Dr. William Inabnet, who has championed the technology: “Last week, I operated on an international patient from Europe just after the storm; MDconnectMe allowed me to seamlessly send real-time status updates, to not only her spouse in the Mount Sinai waiting room, but also to her family in her native country.”

Since the updates only go in one direction, doctors and staff don’t have to worry about being inundated. While making sure key updates can get to the family, MDconnectME allows staff to focus on delivering top-notch care, especially during challenging conditions.

According to New Orleans vascular surgeon, Dr. David Kaplan, “Having dealt with some of the worst storms along the Gulf Coast, uninterrupted communication with the patients’ families becomes even more crucial.”

MDconnectME has shown satisfaction scores consistently above 90%, having exclusively offered its service through key centers like Mount Sinai, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, and Johns Hopkins. Due to recent demand, MDconnectME has made it’s convenient solution available for all facilities, from large hospitals to small practices, across the United States.

MDconnectME’s patent-filed communication platform has been designed as a HIPAA/HITECH-sensitive, patient-centered, cloud-based, and easy-to-use mobile tool for healthcare professionals, patients, and loved ones.

Mobile Health App For Sandy


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