Sony Temporarily Stops Sale of Xperia S Tablet

Sony is now officially part of the Android tablet world with its Xperia S unveiled in the first week of September. Although there are already hundreds of tablets in the market today, Sony still deemed it possible that they can still put out a tablet that would attract customers. This is not actually the first time Sony is a little bit late in the competition. They are often in a “wait-and-see” mode when it comes to new technology. Their latest offering is also late but they are making sure they provide the best for their customers especially to consumers dedicated to the brand.

Unfortunately, Sony’s Xperia S Tablet has hit a snag lately when they found out that there is a manufacturing problem that causes the screen to lift a bit from the case. This was actually due to the design where an additional flap was added to the port in order to protect the device from water splashes and dust. But the design of the flap is pushing the screen upward – the screen near the port area is no longer attached to its case.

Sony is temporarily stopping its production of Xperia S Tablet to fix this problem. Their official website also stopped any sale of the tablet so that they could fix the design flaw of the devices in stock. The gadget manufacturing giant did not stop there – they are also recalling the tablets they have sent out to their customers.  Their estimate is that they have already shipped at least 100,000 devices and they are making it public so that their customers could be aware that their device might have some problem. According to Sony, the recall will not affect their earnings with regards to the sale of the gadget.

The Sony Xperia S Tablet is considered a high-end device not only for its price but also for its hardware which is quite impressive. The device comes with Quad-Core A9 CPU with 1.4Ghz speed. It also comes with NVIDIA Tegra video processor for quality HD movies and HD gaming.  The camera that comes with the devices is also top of the line: 1 Megapixels in the front and 8 Megapixels at the back. It’s also a beautiful 10-inch tablet with remote control functionality and video playing capability of up to 12 hours.  The device’s base price is $399 for the 16GB version and the 64GB version is currently pegged at $599. Interested consumers will just h ave to wait until Sony fixes the design problem.


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