Amazon to Help Developers Specify Devices on Kindle Fire

Now that Amazon has two types of Kindle: Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, developers may have to make some changes in their applications in order to accommodate the latter. There are subtle but significant changes developers should consider in their applications especially on the screen size and resolution and even the hardware configuration. An update on the application should ensure that every Kindle Fire user should have the version fit to their specific device.

Amazon is extending their aid to developers not only in making their apps available in their store. The online retail giant will also aid developers in specifying which type of Kindle Fire could run the application. It’s practically a very simple method of targeting the specific device that can run the application. By specifying which device could run the application, the process provides an advantage to Kindle Fire users because they don’t have to lookup online for compatibility. As long as it’s loaded in their online store, the application can be installed.

Targeting specific devices also help developers automatically make different versions of the application. Instead of offering two types of applications for specific devices, Amazon automatically detects the device and loads the compatible application.

The feature that specifies which device could run the application is not new. Google’s Play Store help customers determine which application could run in their devices since the online store detects compatibility of the installed device. Even when customers load the Google Play Store in their desktop, the applications are still filtered according to compatibility or a note will display that it’s not compatible with the user’s registered device. Since Amazon’s Kindle Fire and its HD counterpart don’t have Google Play Store, it has to extend some of its technical assistance to developers.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is greatly considered as groundbreaking device in terms of pricing. Instead of pushing the price higher, Amazon instead offered device at a very attractive price to the point that they are actually losing by selling the Kindle Fire. But the retail giant is banking on the fact that people will use the device to purchase more books, music and videos because of their easy access to Amazon’s online store. Kindle Fire HD is currently sold at $199 while the price of the original Kindle Fire has been pushed back to $159. These are very attractive offer from Amazon that will surely get the attention of first time tablet buyers.

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