New PlayStation 3 – Super Slim And Super Cheap?

Reports suggest that the new PlayStation 3 SuperSlim has been reconstructed by Sony to bring the price low. Previous version of the Sony PlayStation 3 units has been very solid as far as the build quality of the product. This time around, enthusiasts are sure to find out the PlayStation 3 built cheap. If this latest change would affect quality might be an issue for users to decide; however, there is more to look out for.

Sony has replaced the slot loading design that previous units have used; and have added the sliding lid that slides over to close the Blu-Ray drive on the unit; this is the biggest issue. What remains to be seen however, is whether or not it is prone to breakage. However, there is no doubt that it is not very solid and moves around at lot.
The PS3’s unit itself is very small and decision to plastic, which encases the unit, is never going to win an award now or anytime sooner. It is prone to pick up fingerprints, which according to reports is not great. However, the size of the unit has not in any way affected all the ports and functionality, which are still part of it. Of course, this includes the ability to expand the hard drive.

However, not everyone likes the 12GB flash memory unit that is being offered outside North America; and that is why they might require mounting bracket to install a hard drive into the unit. Unconfirmed reports have also said that this could be the major reason Sony is planning on offering a special upgrade kit that includes not only the hard drive but the hard drive bracket and blue mounting screw. Nevertheless, you should not expect this kit to be as cheap as you can buy a hard drive for.

What about the unit? Well, it uses an eject button that offers no firm feel and will be another area (along with the drive cover) that reports have said we all should expect to hear a lot of complaining about. While cost cutting is something that all companies do, it seems that perhaps Sony went a bit too far with the PS3 Super Slim. Still, many of these are likely to be sold and only time will tell how durable they will be over the long haul.

Perhaps, the company has gone a bit too far in applying changes to the PS3; but it is best to leave our judgment for a latter date.

Sony Super Slim PS3

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