Holiday Shopping 2012: Smart Tips For Selecting An Android Tablet

Smart Tips in Choosing a Cheap Android Tablet

Google, Samsung, Motorola, Asus and even Amazon have Android tablets to offer to their customers. These are high-end tablets that promise ease of interaction and battery life that would last the whole day even with heavy use. These tablets are more than just gaming devices as they have the capability to interact to customers not just for time wasting but also for productivity purposes.

But to customers who just wants to have some fun with a basic Android tablet don’t have to spend too much as there are affordable tablets today that can do more on a budget. Customers just have to know the right tablet to buy so that they don’t end up with a cheap but really horrible table.

Ice Cream Sandwich – A Must for Every (Cheap) Tablet

Ice Cream Sandwich is the first Android operating system developed by Google for full tablet operation. Previous versions still work on a tablet but none of them could compare to the capability of ICS in running applications in a tablet. For customers shopping for a brand new affordable tablet, the ICS is a must to take full advantage of the hardware configuration of the tablet. The 4.1 version or JellyBean might be available in affordable tablets in a few months.

1Ghz Processor with 512MB RAM

A few years ago, finding a 1Ghz netbook with 512MB of RAM would cost nearly $400. But the improvement of technology and the operating system has made these configurations relatively inexpensive. An entry level tablet with 1Ghz of processing speed with 512MB RAM should be more than enough to run those basic games and applications. Anything less than these specifications could be a little bit challenging for gaming as more and more games require better specifications.

Access to Google Play

One of the biggest challenges of first time tablet owners is to determine which applications and games will work well in their gadgets. With the help of Google Play, customers simply load the software and it will automatically connect online and display only the applications that can work with the tablet or it will notice the tablet user that the selected application is not compatible. There are tablets that are very, very affordable but do not feature an access to Google Play. If you are already familiar with “side loading (installing outside Google Play)” of applications and games, the lack of Google Play is no problem. But to first time users of tablet, access to Google Play is a must to get the best applications and games for Android.

More than $120 is Never a Bargain

Nexus 7 is only $200 and Amazon will be offering a much more powerful tablet at $250. If you spend more than $120, you should save to purchase a powerful tablet with better after sales support this holiday shopping season.

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One Response to “Holiday Shopping 2012: Smart Tips For Selecting An Android Tablet”

  1. avatar JC says:

    I just researched various budget tablets and considered the Kindle HD, and the Nexus 7 but then found another brand new model that overall has better features – and is only $189 – it’s the Novo 7 Flame by Ainol Electronics and you can buy it in the United States through TabletSprint.Com – its build quality is excellent and it includes a dual core cpu, has the same type of high quality screen as the Kindle Fire HD, has a Micro-SD slot, Full HDMI 1080p HD (the Kindle only offers 720p) and has two cameras – a 2 MegaPixel front Webcam and a high quality 5 MegaPixel rear cam for Photos/Video with Auto Focus & Flash – it also offers an option for 3G through a GSM carrier — T-Mobile and AT&T – including adding T-Mobile’s new No Contract “Unlimited Web” 100 / 5GB Plan – $30 Mo. Plan – which works great for web on a tablet and use of free voice calls through VoIP service Google Voice or skype – Saves a lot over a regular cell plan with data. also has another model, the Novo 7 Crystal coming in October and it’s only $129 and also has a dual core CPU.

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