Privacy? Facebook’s New Mobile Ad Network Uses Your Data To Target

Facebook today started its own mobile ad network, which uses your data to target you with banner in other applications. Advertisers can now pay to target you with ads for app stores or websites based on your Facebook data that appears while you are on other applications as well as other mobile sites. Facebook’s main plan is to show its numerous users ads that are relevant wherever they go; including outside the social media’s own properties. This latest development allows users to experience Facebook in a different way without being hurt in the process.

Starting from today, you will start experiencing or seeing the banner and interstitial ads targeted by your Facebook biographical and social data within non-Facebook mobile iOS as well as Android apps plus mobile websites where you have authenticated with the social media. The target data include the following; age, gender, likes, location, friends that have used an advertisers’ application, and other targeting options in the social media’s standard ads marketplace.

Advertisers are allowed to set a bid they are willing to pay the social media giant in order to reach specific demographic of users. However, Facebook syncs its anonymous user IDs with several mobile ad exchanges. When a Facebook user visits one of the apps or sites where these exchanges have placements, the exchange instantly sends the social media giant (Facebook) the user’s ID and further asks if there is a bid set to target them; and if this is the case, the ad exchange is paid part of the portion of the bid, and the ad is subsequently shown to the user.

Ads shown could however, lead to App Store pages where a user can access the download page where he can also download applications of his choice. The ad could also lead you to mobile sites that might feature ecommerce, services, etc. However, these ads won’t be social, which means names or faces of friends that have interacted with advertisers won’t be displayed.

Facebook will now earn more money on traffic to other applications and sites through the mobile ad network by leveraging its remarkably expansive and accurate user data set. The mobile ad gives application developers and brands an advanced and powerful way to reach targeted audience. It is believed that these audiences will be willing to pay more than when they are advertised with a less precise exchange directly. Social shopping apps for instance, could target friends of their existing users who might have already heard of them.

Facebook Mobile Ads

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