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Instatag was developed by Annex Products (Melbourne, Australia) as a solution to the time-consuming task of tagging photos on Instagram. Instatag users can quickly find the most relevant and popular tags that will help them receive more likes and more follows on their Instagram account as more people see their photos.

“We wanted to develop a way that Instagram users could further share their photos and experiences through accurate and relevant hashtags. Our goal was to make hashtagging as quick and easy as taking a photo,” says Rob Ward of Annex Products.

Instatag helps users tag their photos with not only the most talked-about tags, but more importantly, the most relevant tags. This encourages others with similar interests to see and engage with their photos.
Misho Baranovic, internationally renown Australian Mobile Street Photographer, says: “Instatag helps me find and add relevant hashtags to my Instagram photos. Adding the right tags makes it easier for other Instagrammers to find, like and comment on my images.”

Instatag also suggests tags based on the user’s current geo-location. Tags associated with venues or landmarks are generated from other tagged photos in the area, and event- related tags such as a sports or concerts are generated from recent location-based trending tags.Another feature of Instatag is that Instagrammers who often photograph similar subject matter can save lists of similar tags which can be easily be accessed with just a few taps.

Instatag is now available on the App Store for 99c.

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