Amazon Unveils Two New Kindle Devices

Amazon has presented a challenge to the leader in the tablet computer industry. As it was reported by, the biggest online store has unveiled the latest of its Kindle devices. And with them, news website said that the online company re-sparked the tablet war and might just win it this time around.

Based on the report, Amazon revealed two of its new Kindle devices last Thursday in Sta.Monica, California. During the event, the company presented its Kindle Paperwhite, which is the latest version of its signature e-reader. Tech critics said it will compete with Barnes & Noble Nook with Glow Light.

Apart from the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire HD was also unveiled during the said Amazon event. The device was the updated version of the company’s Kindle Fire and will soon be available in two sizes. GreenBeanBuddy asserted it’s Amazon’s official candidate in the tablet race with high hardware specifications.

Below is an excerpt from the post New Kindle Fire HD Re-Sparks Tablet War by

“Since the popularization of tablet computer back in 2010, tablet war was predicted to happen. And surely, it did. However, for sometime now, Apple is dominating the market. With its new Kindle and Kindle Fire though, it is said that Amazon will re-spark the war of tablet computers and it might just win it.

In Santa Monica, California last Thursday, Amazon unveiled its new Kindle devices. And needless to say they ignited the interest of consumers. Particularly, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced the company’s latest Kindle e-reader and its new Kindle Fire HD in the said event.”

Apple has been dominating the computer tablet industry since it first popularized the use of it with its iPad, said technology news website However, with the impressive specs of the new Kindle Fire HD, iPad might just have met its biggest rival yet, it additionally stated. And given Amazon offers the said new Kindle device at a lower price, the online company surely got a chance of taking over the computer tablet industry’s top spot, concluded the website.

New Amazon Kindle

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