New iPhone 5 Feature Will Make Your Morning Calls Better

The iPhone 5 will be shipping with iOS 6 and one of the 200 new features included in the new OS is the option to have one’s favorite song replace the sound of the alarm.

This means that instead of that annoying ringing sound, one could wake up to the soothing sounds of the Beach Boys or Bob Marley instead. This feature has not been spoken about too much but it was released with the first beta version of the operating system that was released in June.

Dan Lim, editor of, said that he felt that this could be one of the most popular features of the new OS. According to a study conducted by the company, just over half of people between 16 and 34 years old use their phones as their primary time-checking device. Around a quarter of the respondents said they use their phone as their alarm clock as well.

“Our research shows that many younger people use their smartphones as their primary time-keeping device these days. Watches are an old-fashioned item that less people are using – it seems that people prefer a ‘one-size fits all’ solution, and we believe that’s what this new feature is all about.” explained that, like many phone operating systems, iOS 5 is quite strict when it comes to the sounds one can use in the alarm; you have to use the set ringtones or buy extra sounds from the Apple Store. Now everyone can play their favorite song from their iTunes to wake them in the morning.

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  1. avatar Ronald rodrigues says:

    Entire world talking about new iphone. All people excited even indian people most awaiting new iphone… Crazzzy people..

    Apple s better den any other worlds product..
    Bcoz aappllee.. Nw million people waiting nw..
    Apple fans.i never seen n da world so much apple rummours.

    Us s great..steve job is best person in da world.. He s da apple man..we all world s people salute him steve s job…
    World s no 1 apple…
    N other mobile company s all copying apple s design…
    But, but,apple s apple original..
    Other copy s all duplicate…
    Thanks apple team..
    Worlds best technology.. And advance…

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