Google Semantic Update: Coming To A Search Near You

In a recent interview with top Google executive, Amit Singhal, your search results are nearing a change for the semantic.

A “smarter” search based on what you are searching for, could end up presenting the information to you without ever having to click through to a website. After reading that statement, many website owners are now shaking in a “do what” syndrome.

Not necessarily, or at least not yet. Such technology could still be years ahead, but according to Singhal, an algorithmic shift of substantial size is coming soon to produce what is known as “Semantic Search Technology”.

Semantic search is a concept of providing answers to questions by presenting specific information to your search query, rather than a list of search results. A move that is seen to further enhance mobile products. So, mobile could be the launch ground of all things to come, but the future is closer than you may realize.

A quote from Singhal may sum it all up “When we can deliver small nuggets of information, that system is far more suited to mobile phones and searching with voice.”

Something we may can take as – voice search is the future focus over at Google, and of course, fused with Mobile. Apple has already started this concept with Siri, the new voice of the Apple iPhone 4S, however many users have reported problems with the voice search so far.

google semantic


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