Apple’s iCloud Phenomenal Growth – 100 Million And Counting

With the huge growth of cloud based services, and more people electing to store everything from their music, to work files, to recipes and photos, an “i” name was certainly bound to arise from the competition.

Apple’s iCloud services have now grown well past 100 million users, which isn’t bad at all for a company that didn’t originally specialize in cloud based storage.

In a transcript of remarks made at, Apple CEO Tim Cook said “It recognizes that in the last 2-3 years, we live off multiple devices. It’s no longer a great customer experience to have to sync your iPad to your Mac and then your iPhone to your Mac and then resync your iPad to your Mac.”

Cook went on to say also “I view iCloud not as something with a year or two product life—it’s a strategy for the next decade or more,” Which means we can expect much more from Apple on the iCloud service.

Targeting both business and consumer alike, iCloud’s true metrics will be felt as Apple continues to grip the industry in the music, media, and now book business. Apple has a stronghold in nearly every popular content distribution method available now, and is expected a continued push into the enterprise market.


Apple's iCloud

Image: Apple


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