Quick Look: Amazon’s Kindle Fire Continues Growth Train In Android Tablets

Clear projected success is still to be measured, but certainly to the normal eyes it seems Amazon has a clear winner on their hands with the Kindle Fire.

Granted, Amazon’s Q4 sales numbers were not so hot and the company refusing to release any numbers on the shipment of sales for the Kindle e-readers that were sold during the 2011 holiday season certainly put more curiosity in the air on just how well the Kindle Fire was doing.

With an immediate boom as a challenger to Apple’s iPad, the Kindle Fire drew quick popularity in December on the want lists of many, especially at the cheaper price point it had. But, as a turn of tide has come, it looks more like the Kindle Fire is a challenger to other Android tablets, even leading the pack perhaps vs. an iPad killer.

The Kindle Fire, based on Google’s Android OS, saw a near 40% market share increase in Q4.  While it didn’t beat Apple at anything in those terms, it did however steal a good share of the sales, around 10% according to some analysts.

Another key indicator that the Kindle Fire could be leading the Android tablet market is a comparison of paid downloads between it and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the closest competitor. Mobile analytics firm, Flurry, released a chart demonstrating the comparison in sales, which shows over 2.5 times the amount of paid apps sold for Amazon’s newest tablet.



Chart Image: Flurry

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