Intel Ultrabooks Launch At CES, Where Do Tablets Fit In?

The landscape of CES last year was tablets, tablets, tablets. This year it all about Ultrabooks, Ultrabooks, and more Ultrabooks. Boasting a super thin and ultra light body, it is under the assumption that nearly every PC company has a model in production, demo, or on the drawing board. While tablets are the hot item across the globe right now, considering the record breaking sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire even this past holiday season, it begs to wonder if the ultrabooks are the next big thing.

CES sees many hot then flops, but the ultrabook models could be that perfect fit, especially among business professionals, for the consumer looking for that item that places itself between the tablet and the laptop. While Apple beat most suppliers to the market already when they introduced the MacBook Air, a PC version now looks to sweep the streats for the masses.

Intel Ultrabook CES

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Intel has already put dibs on the ultrabook terminology by not only generating it, but trademarking it also. Their description puts the ultrabook term as a ultra everything, high performance system. Exact laptop specifications have to be met in order to be coined an ultrabook however. Such as a weight limit around 3 lbs or less and a maximum thickness of 0.71 among others.

This year at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Shows in Las Vegas, up to 50 different models of ultrabooks are expected, from top brands like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and others. Most carrying a monetary range of $1000.00 USD and up could be a downer for sales though, but current pricing can be expected considering the high end parts required to build the units. But as we have seen to the iPad 2 being slammed in sales last month by the Amazon Kindle Fire, it is clear consumers are still on a budget in what tends to be discretionary spending on technology.

Still early in coverage, we should see some fresh perspectives after touring the CES floor in Vegas as to what the newest versions of the ultrabooks line have to offer, as we expect to see some that integrate the current ideals of SSD storage between 120 GB and 250 GB, as well as the 14 inch base screen. The biggest feature we look to identify first is the model with the attractive price point.

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  1. Can an Ultrabook be too thin and sharp? I just finished a funny one minute cartoon animation that describes “The Decapitator,” the thinnest Ultrabook ever! It also answers the question: “Why is this Steve Ballmer’s last CES?”
    Check it out at:
    (Warning! It’s a little violent….)

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