iPad 3 Rumors In A Frenzy Over Multiple Versions Next Year

Rumors about the iPad 3 have been flying around this week and the current ones have Apple releasing 2 different versions in January and these are being widely reported. Since that is only next month, one has to wonder just how valid these rumors actually are related to what is being said. It seems that all of this was started based on an article from DigiTimes where their “sources” where saying Apple would release 2 new iPad models at iWorld. iWorld is the big Mac event scheduled for San Francisco on January 26th and is always expected to have some big announcements. But these are just a little too big to be believed for the iPad 3.

According to DigiTimes, Apple is supposed to be releasing two iPad 3 models at the Expo. One is supposed to be a lower end model designed to compete with lower priced models from competitors such as the newly released Amazon Kindle Fire which is a 7 inch tablet. The other is supposed to be a higher end model, which seems to match earlier rumors about the iPad HD which was rumored to be released in the 4th quarter of 2011 and did not arrive. This will be sporting a much higher screen resolution which some have rumored as being double. These do seem plausible based on past rumors, but there is something about the arrival in January that just did not seem right.

iPad 3 RumoriPad 3 rumors have been heating up for weeks and this one has everyone reporting on the iPad 3 models. With all the reporting on this that has been going around, it seems that just about everyone was reporting on the iPad 3 new models as a done deal to appear at MacWorld/iWorld next month. So based on all the reporting, it is important to take a step back and think about the iPad 3 rumor.

And that is exactly what The Loop has done along with checking with some of their sources about the iPad 3 to try and provide a clearer picture. Based on their information, the iPad 3 is not going to be announced in January. Their sources are far more reliable than the sources that DigiTimes has been using of late.

Since Apple pulled out of MacWorld back in 2009, there is no way they are going to make an appearance at an Expo they left. That is just common sense. The Loop is also saying that we will not be seeing an announcement at CES in January either. Since there are no announcements that are going to be happening next month regarding the iPad3, we now know that part of the rumors from DigiTimes are incorrect.

Whether there is going to be 2 new iPad 3 models coming out is not known and there has been previous rumors about a smaller iPad 3 to directly compete with the Kindle Fire. There has also been rumors about the iPad HD a few months back, so these two items could have some validity to them. But at the moment, they are rumors that are part of the coming of the iPad 3 which is expected in the March or April time frame. Between now and then, we are going to be getting a lot more of these kinds of rumors which tend to create a frenzy. Be prepared to hear a lot more iPad 3 rumors in January and February.

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