Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban In Australia Overturned

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1In the ongoing war between Apple and Samsung, the battle in Australia has been watched with great interest ever since Apple received a court injunction to block the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Today comes news that the injunction against Samsung has been permanently lifted and they are now free to sell their Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia. This comes just in time for the holiday season for them to capitalize on sales as everyone is out shopping.

This comes after a lower court was overruled and the preliminary injunction lifted, much to the delight of Samsung. Apple had an appeal process to the High Court and did appeal the lifting of the preliminary injunction and that appeal has now been denied and Samsung is free to sell their Galaxy Tab 10.1. Samsung cannot begin selling them because they have not been able to import the tablets because of the injunction, so it may take a week for them to deliver enough inventory to begin sales.

All of this began last August when Samsung made a decision to not sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because of complaints by Apple and a lawsuit which Apple had filed. The court decided in October to grant a preliminary injunction for Apple against Samsung blocking them from selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Last month, that injunction was overturned by a unanimous decision of the Federal Court where it was being appealed by Samsung.

This great news follows even better news for Samsung where Motorola was able to get a ban on Apple products in Germany which Apple is expected to appeal. All of this seems to indicate that earlier battles which Apple had won are now seeing the tide turn in the war between Samsung and Apple.

The court battles between Apple and Samsung are still continuing as they battle it out in a Northern California court room and this one is being closely watched. If Apple is not successful in its infringement lawsuit, it may have to decide they need to declare a truce on the ongoing war between the two companies. This is just another battle that is going on between the two companies and has yet to play itself out.

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