Galaxy Nexus – If Not Gorilla Glass, Then What? – Update

Corning Gorilla GlassWith expectations of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus arriving in November, the discussions about protection for the screen have been growing ever since it was revealed that the latest Nexus phone will not be coming with the ever popular Gorilla Glass. With the continuing uncertainty about the date the Nexus will arrive, it is beginning to look like there may be a delay and if so, is it because of the hardware or the software? Google looks like they are trying to correct some bugs with Ice Cream Sandwich and hopefully that is all that it is. But, what if the delay is related to hardware and the touch screen for the Nexus.

Fortified Glass
The current knowledge after it was revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was not coming with the Gorilla Glass was an admission that it was coming with “Fortified Glass” which does not tell you much as to what it will be. That is telling us that it is a no name glass supplier and that does not make any sense for this high profile phone. Why is it that Samsung and Google are not indicating anything more about the glass being used now that it is common knowledge that it will not be Gorilla Glass?

Lotus Glass
It seems that the Gorilla Glass is being retired in favor of a new treatment process from Corning which creates stronger protection with the new Lotus Glass. On the surface, it looks like Lotus Glass is being included on the Nexus and given that the Nexus is the flagship phone from Google and it always gets the best, such as the first for Ice Cream Sandwich, why wouldn’t they be the first to get the new Corning Lotus Glass.

It seems that @AndroidTask4ce has Tweeted that Corning is not supplying Lotus Glass to the Nexus, though we cannot get a confirmation from Corning on this, it does leave things up in the air. With a very recent announcement that they are now in production for the new Lotus Glass, it is quite possible that production started too late to be included with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It would be great if we could get some official comment from Corning, Samsung or Google on this matter.

Update: We have received information from Corning that Lotus is a complementary product offering. That would tend to mean they can be combined together and means that no Corning glass will be contained in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Dragontrail Glass
Another of the possibilities is Dragontrail Glass, which first emerged in January of this year to be a challenger to Gorilla Glass. There are rumors that it will be used on future Nokia phones, but the question regarding the Galaxy Nexus remains. This one could be what is included on the coming phone, but there is not much information. There are Tweets about this coming to the Nexus and some posts on forums, but there is no concrete information.

Some are saying that this has just come to market and is still too new to be included with the Nexus, but it would be very easy to make the same argument regarding the Lotus Glass.

What Is Coming?
The problem is that we do not have enough information about what Samsung is going to include with the coming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but we do know that Google always wants the Nexus phone to be better than all the rest. It would appear that Lotus Glass might be the odds on favorite, but there is really no way of knowing what is going to happen. Because both the Lotus Glass and DragonTail Glass are both relatively new to the market, it could be something totally different. We can hope that the touch screen glass on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one which points to the future for touch screen glass for all phones.

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3 Responses to “Galaxy Nexus – If Not Gorilla Glass, Then What? – Update”

  1. avatar Uncle Bob says:

    Also no HDMI….but I don’t think the Nexus phones are meant to be the “best of everything phone.” I think they are meant to implement seamlessly with Google services.

  2. avatar bwood says:

    well the cpu is underclocked.its made to run at 1.5. the SD card slot is preference since 16 and 32 gb should be more than enough memory. and megapixels don’t mean anything if the quality of the camera itself is just at a basic level.

  3. avatar bkfist says:

    I’m feeling that it’s some generic glass… best of everything? 5mp camera, 1.2 ghz CPU, no SD card slot…. none of that sounds like best of everything.
    It’s still the phone I’m going to get, but several specs are already out of date.

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