Nokia To Announce First Microsoft Mobile OS Phones Next Week

Nokia Windows Phone 7Nokia is set to announce their first Windows Phone 7 OS units next week in London at Nokia World and it seems that it has been forever since the partnership agreement between Nokia and Microsoft was announced. In the world of technology, 6 months is forever because things change so fast and product life cycles are significantly compressed as compared to others. Nokia needs to announce multiple handsets to the public and they must be far more than simple phones to attract the kind of attention that they need.

While the announcement has been expected for a while, it has just recently been confirmed by those at Microsoft. It seems that rumors have been going around for months regarding the first WP7 phone from Nokia and it was earlier this month where more details came out based on rumors.

There has been questions being asked as to whether the actual first phone would not be available for sale until next year and for a long time, it was starting to look that way. Now information from Nokia seems to indicate that the first phones will be released in very few countries because of all the work that is left to be done, one of which is all the different languages. One of the issues has to do with not stepping on the existing Symbian phones which are in the market too quickly and hurt their image. A solution around that problem would be to release the first Nokia WP7 phones in the US as that market has been having problems for years and would help turn things around. Having their business partner here in the US as well would help them.

The decisions of where and when we can expect to see the first phones being sold may be announced next week. We can hope that the first handsets of the Nokia phones running Windows Phone 7 are far further along than we know and the release plan can be unveiled next week for all to know.

It has been a tough year for Nokia, especially when they announced the retirement of Symbian, the OS that has carried them for years. Now they must put forth a WP7 phone that is a worthy replacement for the Symbian phones that are going to begin to disappear beginning next year. With that, they are on board with Microsoft for the future together. Watch next weeks reports from Nokia World in London to see exactly what they are going to be presenting to the public as their first Nokia/Windows Mobile phones running Windows Phone 7.

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