iPhone Google Voice App Having Problems – Pulled

There are reports this morning that the Google Voice app for the iPhone and iOS 5 has been pulled from the iTunes store and is no longer available for download. The original reports of this from Engadget started yesterday evening and things have escalated from there as so many are trying to download the Google Voice app to their new iPhones on this opening weekend for Apple’s latest phones. There are reports that Google is aware of the problem and working on a solution, but nothing has been posted on the normal Google blog. The iTunes page for Google Voice here is a cached version of the page and the page in iTunes is currently not available.

The problems which are being experienced involve checking your Inbox which seems to crash the app fairly consistently, thought it is not happening to everyone who has downloaded the app. Problems started showing up on Thursday evening for those who had updated their iOS version to 5 on their iPhone 5 and started reported problems. So, even before the iPhone 4S started selling, there were problems.

In a post by Google employee Vincent Paquet on October 13th:

Everyone: we found the sign in bug and have come up with a fix. We are testing it and will release an update as soon as we can. Sorry about this and thanks for your patience.
Vincent Paquet
Google Voice Product Manager

There are a number of work arounds being put up in the same forum where Vincent posted. These are all in an effort so that people can use the very popular Google Voice on their iPhones.

Given that this has been a known issue since last Thursday and Google’s team has already identified what the bug is, I am surprised that they have not already fixed the problem and the Google Voice app is not back in the iTunes store. It would appear that correcting the crashing for some users when they go to their Inbox is much harder to fix given that it is not happening to all the phones. With the huge popularity of the iPhone and iOS 5, hopefully they can get it fixed by tomorrow. If not, the forums are going to start filling with posts of people wanting to get the latest Google Voice app for their brand new iPhone 4S.

Jason Brent

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