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Originally founded in 2008, TechieInsider.com has grown from a simple blog to a syndicated news outlet. The news and insight covered by Techie Insider is written by technology professionals and journalists who have worked and consulted for large corporations and organizations for over a decade. We report on topics relevant to business professionals and anyone who expects technology to make our lives easier and more productive.

We bring you the insider’s view and analysis of cutting edge tech products, the latest mobile news, marketing, and Internet business services in practical terms  to help you become better informed in the latest innovations the world has to offer!


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Mailing Address:
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PO Box 6164
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Thomas Litchfield, Editor
Richard Pike, Editor, Senior Writer
Patrick Gassert, Senior Writer
Charles Pullman, Writer
Jason Brent, Technology Reporter
Jennifer Carson, Technology Reporter
Martha Cable, Technology Reporter
Walter Benson, Technology Reporter (Weekends)
Michael Williams, Technology Reporter (Weekends)
Mitsutoshi Miyagi, Writer (Asia)
Mee Pairoadsupasin, Reporter (Asia)
Ahmed Abid, Technology Reporter (Asia)

Joel Levy, Webmaster, Graphics

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Thomas Litchfield
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